It Will Be Different

It will get easier.

It will get better.

I think if I had a dollar for every single time I heard one of the two above phrases uttered I would be a millionaire. Or at least rich enough to be able to be in some warmer climate right now instead of shivering in the Canadian winter cold. Thank you Mother Nature for the mid-January thaw!

How many of us have heard those phrases uttered? Especially when griping about a bad day. Am I the only one that wants to shake or throttle the person who tells me them? Please tell me I am not alone!

Now for those moms out there with newborns whom might be staying up all night, I sympathize. Not because I have been there, but rather, that you might be hearing these phrases right now from friends and family. It is all in the spirit of trying to be uplifting, positive, and supportive. I understand that. But I am putting my foot down and calling bullshit. It will not get easier. It will not get better. Do you want to know what it will be? It is a little secret….but here it is….

It will be different.

Yes, different.

Do you know why it will be different? Children change. They grow up. Their needs and wants change. They learn different ways to express themselves (although I do not see how the tantrums are expression I suppose it is my daughter’s way). They are constantly learning. We may not see the little changes but we do see the big changes. From being carried out of the hospital, to oh shit the baby can roll over, to uh oh the baby is crawling and then there is the we need child gates the baby is walking! Now do you see how it will be different?

The only reason it seem better or easier is because we, as parents, are also learning and changing alongside our children. Shocking isn’t it? We learn their preferences. We learn their attitudes and what works for them. That is why it will “be better” or “be easier”. But that is utter bullshit. It is different.

So chins up and remember to not choke the next person that tells you it will be better or easier. Just smile and say “No, it will be different.” Or at least try to. Trust me, I am trying to remember it myself as I go on this crazy path that is called child raising/rearing. I think I like the word child rearing some days. I do feel like I am trying to rear an unruly herd of cattle or something and I just have one child. How other people have more, I do not know. Brave brave souls. Or just completely crazy!

(Side note – I know I have not posted in awhile, January has already proven to be crazy for us. I am hoping February will be better.)


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