Days 3 to 10 – Poinsettia

I am going to cheat. Why? Because I can. Ok ok not really. Little one has not only been teething but sick with a head cold. It has not been an easyElmo-elmo-elmo past few days. Now to make things better – I have come down with what she had. Fun! Not! And my period started at the same time. I am not a happy mommy at the moment to say the least! As much as I hate the television as a babysitter; my lifesaver today was tossing in an Elmo movie my mother passed on from my niece to Ashlynn. So far she is hooked. Thank you little red furry muppet for being my life saver.

Now speaking of the colour red…other than Santa’s suit and Rudolph’s nose…the colour red makes me think of the poinsettia flowers that are in abundance at Christmas. Whether they be fake or real, their vibrant red petals just tell me it is getting closer and closer to Christmas!

Through some research I found out that the poinsettia is native to Mexico and Central America. Thanks to a diplomat bringing it back to the United States in 1825; we now associate the poinsettia with Christmas! And contrary to popular belief it is not highly toxic. It rather contains latex, which can be mildly toxic but not enough to kill, can be more harmful to those who are sensitive to latex. But it is still not recommended to eat the plant as it can cause vomiting and explosive shits, I mean, diarrhea.

Now back to curling up on the couch, watching Elmo and drinking my ginger ale. Fuck I hate being sick.


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