The Season is Upon Us

Tomorrow is December 1st. For some, the Christmas season has already started. Personally, it isn’t ‘Christmas season’ until tomorrow officially. I will admit that I have started decorating for Christmas. We have our Santa Clause “Ho Ho Ho” wreath up on our balcony door, a little penguin 38944with a bell door knob hanger hanging from the front door, and upon our dining room table is a cute little penguin whose belly lights up and changes colours. I was cheap when buying these things though. The Dollar Store is definitely my friend! The biggest splurge for a Christmas decoration is our dancing/singing penguin from The Home Depot. When I first saw him, I fell in love. He does not sing a traditional Christmas carol. Oh no no. To the tune of Jingle Bells he sings about Christmas candy and being on a sugar rush. What is there not to love about that? Oh and can you tell I absolutely love penguins? Other than cats (of all sorts) and wolves; penguins are another of my favourite animal. And to be honest, I have yet to find any cat themed decorations for the house for Christmas. Halloween, yes. Christmas, no. If I had a glue gun and perhaps was a little craftier I would do so. Maybe one of these days.

Ashlynn seems more interested in Christmas this year than last. Although she still does not seem too sure about it. She does not understand the hooplah of the season. Nor will she remember anything bought in front of her for her gifts. Next year, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

I am hoping that next year she will help me out in the kitchen with baking. I remember baking cookies with my grandmother for Christmas. Hell, pretty much all year round. Whenever I visited Nanny, cookies were to be made! What fun! Plus next year I can find crafts for her to do. And as the years go by the crafts can get more complicated! What fun! I actually cannot wait! Poor Steve won’t know what hit him in the years to follow mwahahaha. He will come home from work to an arts and crafts zone. And this is what happens when you marry someone who loves to craft although no promises of being all that great at it.

For those that really know me; know that I do not follow the Christian religion. It just isn’t me. Despite this I have been trying to get more and more into the season for the little one. And so to help myself get into the season I was thinking of making an advent calendar via my blog starting tomorrow! This should prove interesting! I am hoping that those who read this (and follow or what not) will leave comments. Oh and if I am slacking to prod me in the right direction to do a blog post of my advent calendar. I cannot promise that it will follow traditional symbolism of Christmas but it is worth a shot! If you are offended by Pagan/Wiccan symbolism, be warned, there might be some coming up in the following days as the Winter Solstice is fast approaching as well.


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