Dipping Sauces

So it seems over night our little girl has grown into a ‘big girl’. Where has the time gone? Seriously. Fourteen months have passed by far too quickly. Next thing I know she will be going to school. Ugh. I definitely do not want to think about that just yet. No thank you.

Tonight we had finger foods for dinner. Chicken nuggets and french fries. Oh and dipping sauces for the nuggets. Little missy saw us dipping our chicken nuggets and refused to eat hers. It was only until she started pointing to the dipping sauces that we figured out what she wanted. She wanted to dip too! It was messy…but she did it! She had her own little container with honey mustard and carefully dipped her chicken inside (multiple times mind you). Then she checked her chicken to make sure it had enough sauce on it before promptly popping it into her mouth. Baby girl you do me proud. She even wiped her own hands and face with a napkin (well sort of). She had to have help cleaning the rest up.

It felt good to relax at the dinner table after a crazy afternoon. We decided to go out shopping as she needed boots and a new snow suit. I do not understand, as a Canadian, the purpose of Black Friday. Oh, and thank you for bringing it up here so that the government can ‘boost’ the economy by keeping Canadian shoppers here /sarcasm. It was god damn mayhem. Makes me glad we did not go out in the morning as I am sure it would have been worse. One snow suit, one pair of boots and a few other miscellaneous items later I was glad to be away from other humans. Seriously. I like being around people but there are times I feel very anti-social. Today was one of them. Thank you commercialism and consumerism for another day I do not look forward to in the year. The other one is Boxing Day. Boxing Day up here in Canada is pretty much like Black Friday in the States. Insanity. Mayhem. Chaos. Crowds. Fighting over merchandise. And low prices. Joy! Makes me want to puke.


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