Late Night Car Rides and Visiting Grandma

So Monday night when Steve finished work (at the oh so lovely time of 9 PM /sarcasm) we packed the little munchkin up in a sleeper and her snowsuit and into the van we went! An hour and a half later we were in lovely Montreal to visit my mother and been having a blast the past couple of days.

My parents needed help yesterday clearing things out from under my grandmother’s home. Well…now it is my cousin’s home. Since my grandmother passed away a few years ago. That was fun! Not really actually. Dusty, dirty, and cold in that damn

XXX_8786_1347359488_1basement. But we got treasures! We will have a new (to us) dining room table and chairs! YAY! No more bumping into the corners of the one we have now which is too big for our dining room! YES! Now my hips won’t look like a giant bruise anymore! Although Steve decided to claim an antique that is collecting dust and probably will be for years to come. It is a gorgeous table as can be seen to the right. I love the table. Just I do not know where the hell am I going to put it in our apartment. God damn husbands I swear! They are as bad as kids!

So after some work we are now relaxing. Well sort of. My mother has to work today so Grandpa is enjoying time with the little one. I suppose one can call it enjoying time with her. He fell asleep in his chair. I suggested to Ashlynn to “go wake up Grandpa”. Now, usually, this would entail her toddling up to him between his legs and tapping him on the tummy. Not today. Oh no. Hands up above the head, running start and body slams her chest into his groin. And what do I do? Start laughing like a fuckin’ hyena. I know I am supposed to discourage that type of thing but damn it was funny!

So note to self – make sure the kidlet does not get a running start when going to go wake up someone. Especially a male. It might result in some pain.


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