Potty Training

My mother has been bringing up my biggest fear of Ashlynn growing up. Potty training. How am I to know she is ready? Isn’t she a little too young at fourteen months to even start trying this? Wait…that means more laundry because of accidents. And it also means my little baby is growing up to be a “big kid”. Oh hell no. I still want to enjoy her being my little baby girl. I don’t care how much diapers cost she is staying in them for a bit longer. Yes, yes I know she hides in a corner or under a table to take a dump in her diaper. That does not mean she is ready for potty training yet.

On the topic of diapers…(sorry random tangent I know)…

We couldn’t help but notice an issue with Huggies diapers. Ashlynn would get not just regular diaper rashes or sores with them. Oh no. We are talking blisters. We are still trying to figure out the how, what, and why factor for this. Was there a chemical reaction with the diaper when urine hit it? Is it something the Huggies diapers are made of and she is (unfortunately) like me and has a sensitivity to certain materials/chemicals? Are we the only parents that have had this issue with Huggies?

We have since switched to Pampers and have noticed an improvement in little missy’s bottom. No more blisters, no more diaper rashes/sores, and in general a happier baby. Fuck yah! Oh and the plus side? A hell of a lot less leaks than when we used Huggies. Bonus!


I might Google later on today ages for potty training. If only to prove to my mother that I was right and she was wrong in the fact Ashlynn is too young. I am stubborn like that…I get it from her. I also like to have evidence (for lack of a better term) to show that my argument is correct other than using the “my mommy instincts/gut tells me she is not ready yet!”

Ok one cranky toddler trying to get my attention! Hoping this afternoon when Steve is done work we might take her to see Santa. Oh god please do not let her have a stranger danger freak out when he tries to hold her. I do not want my picture taken with Santa and he would not like my wish list I have for Christmas!


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