Winter blues

Having lived in Canada for all the years I have been alive (and probably will continue to do so until either I win the lottery or die) I understand that winter is inevitable here. As much as I might try to deny it…winter will come. We have had some snow since Halloween, but thankfully, it has never stayed. Last night it snowed before bed and I hoped right down to my toes that it would be gone by the time morning came. Oh I was wrong. So very, very wrong. I think winter has finally said “I am here and there is NOTHING you can do about it!” And as much as I want to burrow into my big bed with the down duvet; with an active 14 month old running around that is nothing but a dream for maybe when she is finally 18 and has moved out of home. Until then I still have to get us out and about for some fresh air.

I have learnt today that although it might not seem that cold or windy out by looking out the window or poking my nose out briefly – looks can be deceiving. Bundled up the munchkin into her stroller so we could walk to the grocery store and then the second hand store. I figured I would only stop at those two stores. By the time I got out of the apartment building and to the corner to cross the street I could not feel my ears! Oh shit! And there was no way I was turning back around to go get a hat. Thankfully there is a dollar store between the grocery store and second hand store (I really do love living so close to a strip mall) and I was able to buy a tuque just to keep my ears warm. So I have learnt a valuable lesson. Not only do I pack just in case for the cold weather for the munchkin but for myself as well. In my stroller organizer/caddy hanging off the handles I will from now on keep winter gear for myself.

So winter is here to stay. The cold, blustery wind has arrived. Snow has frosted the ground. Yes, it is pretty to look at. But I still hate it if I have to be out in it. Jeff Foxworthy had it right when he said there are four seasons in Canada – almost winter, winter, still winter and road construction. I will be counting down the months, weeks and days until the warmer weather and I am sure the little one will keep me busy.

On a side note as a moment of hilarity for anyone who is reading this…

Our cat Mittens has this weird fixation for eating inedible objects. Bread bags, garbage bags, and kitchen sponges were her usual go-to non-food items. We have now added crayons to the list. I swear one of these days I will see multi-coloured shit in the litter box because of this damn cat.


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