Housework – the bane of all evils

I don’t mind doing housework just with a toddler in tow…well…it can become quite challenging. She does put her toys away BUT within a few minutes of putting them in the bucket, yes, she pulls them right back out. Same with putting the books on her shelf on our bookcase. I have yet to try and get her to be organized when putting her toys away. That will come probably at a later time, if I am lucky. If I am not, well then, I guess I will be the one organizing the toys when she has gone to bed!


See this is what happens when you organize your child’s toys. Before we got the bookcases.


And she seems to think she is one of her toys.

At least sweeping the floor is fun for us! I feel like I am playing curling with the munchkin when I am sweeping the floor. The broom comes closer to her, she steps back a few steps. It usually takes a few minutes longer to sweep the floor playing this game but it keeps her entertained. I think the only reason my floors get mopped is because I insisted asked Steve for the wet Swiffers when we were at Wal-Mart. Swiffer you are my friend. You help me tackle dust bunnies that are bigger than my cats, tumbleweeds of fur that I think might mutate into another cat if given the chance, crumbs, and sticky messes on my floors. So for that, thank you Swiffer. I think I love you.

I have been contemplating on making a sign or something of the sort to go in the front hall of our apartment when you walk in to tell you what state the house is in. A warning system if you will.

Code Green : Low Mess – No dishes in the sink, litter-box scooped, floors swept & mopped, and bathroom clean. All systems go!

Code Blue : Minimal Mess – Yes, there might be a few dishes in the sink, a few clumps in the litter box. Count yourself lucky if the bathroom is spotless. But otherwise, the house can be navigated without too much worry. (Takes about 15 minutes worth of work to tidy. Not too damn shabby!)

Code Yellow : Messy – Think of it like a freak snow storm. You just have to navigate with care through the mess. There might even be a pre-laid path! (This is easily cleaned up with about 30 minutes worth of work.)

Code Orange : Almost a disaster. Like after a tornado hits…a two foot toddling tornado that is. Navigate with care. You might just step on a toy. Oh and please don’t mind the pile of dishes in the sink. I will get to them later if I am lucky. (Give me an hour without the little one and maybe I will get the damn place cleaned.)

Code Red : Abandon all hope ye who enter here. It is like a World War I battlefield in my home. You may get injured stepping on things you did not know were placed under the throw rugs by the little one. Trust me, been there, done that, got the fuckin’ t-shirt. (Please someone give me maid service to find some semblance of order to my home! That is what it will take to get the place cleaned it feels like!)


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