Cats and climbing toddler

I love the little furry buggers. As much as I love my child. Really. But I think the cats are starting to answer to various names that aren’t so nice. Including bitch, pain in the ass, fucker, and asswipe. Yes, this mommy needs a cuss jar!

Right now we are trying to get a cat to go back to defecating in the litter box instead of OUT of the darn thing. So far…no luck. Now add in that said cat has now gone into heat. Fun!


Mittens – the one who is in heat as I type this. She also eats kitchen sponges.

At least the little one makes it laugh worthy. She has sat on the cat’s back and bounced, smacked the cat on the butt, and even has scratched above the cat’s tail on its back. What does the cat do? Just sits there and takes it. Oh and postures waiting to be mounted. Only in our household I swear.

Only last week our half-Siamese cat was in heat and going around the house yowling. Ok not yowling. It sounds more like she is saying Hewwo-wo-wo-woooo” It is cute but annoying. What makes it cuter is our little one (whom is 14 months old) trying to imitate the cat. I swear if her first word is Hewwo I might flip out. Or shake a cat. One of the two. Or both.


Mogwai – our half-Siamese cat.

On a side note different from cats – why is it when I think I have my drink in a safe place, turn my back for ONE second to go to the bathroom, the little one manages to get at it and knock it all over the bloody floor? And why must it be when we have no paper towels to be had or seen in our home? Oh got to love a toddler when they are in the climbing phase!


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